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Morrow "The Quiet Earth" 2xLP

Morrow "The Quiet Earth" 2xLP

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The incredible third album from London, UK ensemble MORROW. The Quiet Earth is a raucous, emotional epic of cello and violin, pummeling crescendos and furious D-beat - combining the emo-crust of Remains of the day, the crushing powerhouse of Neurosis, the feverish joy of Envy and the baroque emo-violence of Drei Affen. Morrow wear their influences proudly - featuring guest vocals from many of their contemporaries and pioneers of the genre, among them members of His Hero Is Gone, Habak and the aforementioned Drei Affen. The Quiet Earth is a celebration of disparate voices coming together, in a time when we need community more than ever.

Gatefold Jacket with 180gram Vinyl and Silkscreened print on the D-Side. Download Code. On Black Vinyl, out of 700 copies.

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